Our staff at Amari Medical Practice in Surrey bring with them almost 35 years of experience between them to help our patients navigate the medical health system in BC. They can help you to figure out specialist appointments to forms, WCB and ICBC as well as a host of other services. They are the doctors right hand person and work closely with the doctors to ensure that you as our patients receive the most efficient of services.

We also from time to time support new MOA graduates by providing them with valuable experience in our office and supporting their education. Our present staff include the following people:

Sally – MOA Supervisor

Sally has been with Dr. Shah for over 14 years as his right hand person. She joined the clinic as a new MOA in 2005 and moved with Dr Shah from his King George Boulevard location to his current location.

Sally has a wealth of experience in helping patients and has a close connection to many of the patients that have been with the clinic for over 10 years. She is the MOA Supervisor and can help with a variety of medical related issues such as specialist appointments, lab tests, and so on. Sally has built close relationships with both her colleagues, the doctors as well as other MOA’s from specialist offices.

She is a mum of a young son who keeps her busy when she is not working.

Lauren at Amari Medical Clinic

Lauren – Senior MOA

Lauren has been with Amari Medical as an MOA for over 5 years and joined us from a gynaecology practice. She is extremely computer savvy and very knowledgeable about specialist appointments, ministry of health, WCB, and ICBC. Lauren is an integral part of the team that leads the dealing with lawyers, MSP, and other third party persons such as insurance companies. Lauren is a techy at heart and enjoys nothing better than playing with computers & technology in her spare time. She is also the proud momma of a furbaby (kittycat).

Michelle at Amari Medical Clinic

Michelle – MOA

Michelle has been with Amari Medical as an MOA for over 1 year. She completed her practicum with us and was subsequently hired as a permanent addition to the team. In her short(er) time with us, she has become quite knowledgeable in a vast range of duties and is happy to answer your inquiries. She is the warm & friendly face at our front desk responsible for greeting and directing patients. She is the proud auntie of 2 nephews and 1 niece whom she adores, she’s also a huge fan of kittycats!

Terri – Office Manager

Terri is the office manager for the medical office as well as for our other offices in the building. Terri manages our staff scheduling, staff matters, and patient concerns. Most concerns are directed to Sally, our MOA Supervisor, but in some cases Terri is consulted on management issues in the medical office.