Dr Sachit Shah

Dr Sachit Shah in Surrey, BC

Dr Sachit Shah has been a medical doctor for 30 years and is the Medical Director for Amari Medical Clinic. After moving from England in 1990 he continued to provide medical care for over 5  years in Port Hardy.

During his time in Port Hardy his medical skills were tested to their maximum as this remote location often did not have the facilities for medical care that is available in the Lower Mainland.

He is qualified in Medical Acupuncture as well as Palliative care and Pain Management and worked at the Thorson Pain Clinic when he finally moved to Vancouver in 1995.

He set up a medical practice in Surrey BC in 1996 in response to a need in the community where he continues to provide medical care. Dr Shah also performs minor operations as well as practices in the cosmetic clinic for all types of procedures.

HOURS: Mondays  and Thursday 9.00am to 11.30am